The 1975 Call or Delete on BBC Radio 1

Dan sounds so adorable in this. And of course he had to say wicked

Anonymous wondered:but moving every couple of years sounds exciting, too! I mean, you get to see lots of places but on the other hand you have to leave everything behind each time... yeah, germany's a nice country :) I mean obviously everyone always wants to live somewhere else, I'd kill to live in London but I love germany a lot, especially the region where I'm from, I feel very attached to it :) how come you like germany so much? most people tend to want to go to america or so XD

moving is pretty exiting but its sucks while growing up, cause you don’t have a set place you call ‘home’ and have to make new friends each time so it kind of sucks. i’m looking into moving to london, melbourne, paris, brisbane or new york after i graduate but america doesn’t really seem as nice or exiting as europe 

Anonymous wondered:I'm from germany :) why are you in the philippines rn? that sounds awesome :)

I move countries every couple of years because of my dad’s job (i’ve lived in brazil, malaysia and guatemala) dfudfg I would do anything to move to germany is sound so lovely








What was the first Bastille song you heard and what year? I’m really curious to find out..
Mine was Daniel in the den : 2011

Pompeii, July 2013

Flaws, november 2012

Pompeii, February/ Summer of 2013

pompeii and it would’ve been around march 2013

Flaws, October 2012

Flaws, end of 2010/beginning of 2011 (somewhere around there)

Flaws/ december 2012

Anonymous wondered:hey there, maria here again :D where are you from if I may ask? :)

colombia but I live in the philippines rn, how about you?

Anonymous wondered:My name is Maria and I love Bastille too! :D



Giorgia Tordini For Thecoveteur

Dan Smith’s transition into Waiting All Night at The Brits 2014


Bastimental, the best thing ever happened at an award show ♥

Btw, now that we have a good quality video of their performance I expect some gifs from you talented people, ay? ;)

Bastille! How do you feel? Congratulations for winning Best British Breakthrough at the BRITS 2014? How you feeling?